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Peach Tree Golf and Country Club


Dress Code


          Ladies, Golf Course

Shorts- Must be fingertip length or longer, or a minimum of a 4 inch inseam for all ladies shorts, skorts, skirts or any other short style garment. Ladies Tops- Tank tops are permitted (minimum 4” sleeve). Tank tops or other type sportswear with low-scooped fronts are not permitted. Spaghetti strap tops or true “Tee Shirts” are not permitted. Tops designed to expose the midriff are also not permitted. Clothes intentionally or unintentionally designed to show undergarments are deemed inappropriate golf attire at Peach Tree Country Club. Collars are not required for ladies except that rasor-back styled blouses are permitted as long as they have a collar.

Ladies, Clubhouse

In the Clubhouse, approved Golf Course attire, Sundresses, Halter Dresses or Backless dresses are permitted. Clubhouse attire is not permitted on the Golf Course. Clothes intentionally or unintentionally designed to show undergarments are deemed inappropriate attire in the Clubhouse at Peach Tree Country Club.


Shoes for men and ladies are required at all times. Sandals and other fashion footwear is permitted in the Clubhouse and the Golf Course. Golf shoes are recommended for the Golf Course but not required. Special Golf Sandals and tennis type shoes are also permitted. Shoes with large nibs on the soles that cause large impressions are not permitted.
Swimwear is permitted in pool area and in the area of the Snack Shack only.

Men, Golf Course

Shorts: Mid thigh or longer is appropriate length of short. Pants: Denim jeans are permitted. Golf Shirt: Gentlemen are required to have collared shirts. No Tee shirts are permitted. Appropriate, fashion sportswear golf shirts are permitted even though the collar may be quite short. Fabric, style and condition are considered when deemed permissible within the Dress Code. Shirts designed to be un-tucked are permitted to be un-tucked. Otherwise shirts should be tucked-in.


Gentlemen are requested to take their hats off while in the Clubhouse.

Swimming Pool area

Appropriate swimwear is required at all times. Pool users are required to meet all dress code rules when entering the Clubhouse. The Snack Shack area does permit members dressed in appropriate swimwear in its vicinity. An appropriate cover and footwear must be worn when making purchases at the Snack Shack. For your convenience, restrooms and changing areas are provided at the Pool area.


For your convenience, the Golf Shop has a limited supply of loaner garments

Thank you for adhering to our dress code rules


To inquire about an invitation, please contact General Manager, Nate Pomeroy at 530-743-1897.